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12.15.2010 13:37

A full time blogger I am so obviously not. Here's my first update in three years, but here goes. I am quickly approaching the eighth anniversary of my entry into this business and I am grateful once again that as part of the requirements for maintaining my massage license, I must take continuing education classes. For my required 25 hours of CE credits I am signing up for a Thai massage class. I have high hopes after the last big class I took two years ago.

Back in 2008 I signed up for a Trigger Point massage class at my alma mater and it totally reenergized my interest in massage. Though I felt like I had a wealth of experience to draw upon in terms of relaxing massage, I felt like I lacked specificity in pain management.

2011.2.27 18:34

Ha, let's try that again. I am currently in the middle of an eleven week class in Thai massage. It is a joyous experience being in class again and learning new massage techniques. Thai massage is very different from the traditional style of massage that I learned previously. It is very physical and also very intimate. It is just a matter of necessity that the therapist has to work very closely with the client in this modality, and it brings with it for me a new level of trust and respect. I also feel myself becoming stronger week by week as we continue our work.

I will try to write more as I finish up the class.

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