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9.08.200218:23 Getting ready to graduate soon

Hello friends of Pure of Heart massage,

I just wanted to give everyone an update as to where I am at. Starting at the beginning of 2003 I am looking forward to starting my new massage practice at 1544 se 48th.

I want to thank those of you who have been part of my “homework.” Homework was never so much fun at my other schools. Everyone who wants to squeeze in their last free student massages better call me quick. I will be heading out of town to visit my family in Illinois for part of my break between graduation in September and my board licensing exam in December. Everyone cross your fingers for me.

Taking up a new carreer in massage was a difficult, scary proposition to accept, but one that I am extremely grateful that I did do. It was with wonder and a little fear that I first took off my clothes in class and started the process of forming friendships at school. Let me tell you, though, a bodywork class is a very fun, intense way to form relationships with your fellow students. Everyone who had the courage to continue showing up for class has really become a good friend for me. A few fellow students who deserve special mention are Loly LeBlanc who I first met at orientation and almost accompanied me on my Spring 2002 trip to Canada; Octavio Ramos who was the only other guy in my massage 1 class (and it was many weeks before either of us partnered with a woman for class); and of course Matt Johnston & Holly Howard, two of the funniest people to share lunch with at school.

School hasn’t been easy, but it has been deeply rewarding. When I saw Brent Hirak last year, right before school started, he and I played a game of balance and physical skill that really made me wake up and notice how out of touch I was with my body. It has been an eye–opening experience to be able to go back and play the same game with him this year and feel how differently I live within my body now. Being exposed to yoga and qui gong exercises to warm up for the day’s classes has been wonderful for me, as well as my 2 1/2 mile bicycle ride to school.

I am a little sad at coming to the end of my journey, but I also look forward to returning. Not only will I have continuing education requirements to keep me up–to–date with what’s going on in the massage industry, I plan to return to take a trigger point or cranio–sacral rhythm elective class in January.

Thank you all for all of your support over this last year, it has been invaluable to me.

1544 SE 48th Avenue, Portland Oregon 97215
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